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Information for "Bakers Dozen"
Link to this rideshare:
Type: Offer a Ride Departing: Aug 24th - Aug 24th 2012
Direction: Both Returning: Sep 3rd - Sep 4th 2012
Location: San Francisco, California (San Francisco) Camp:
Riders: 2 Preferences: Few stops, Non-smoking, Air conditioning, Open minded

I will be renting a car and heading home on Friday AM from San Francisco. I plan to acquire a bike rack so there should be room for two (2) additional bikes on the rack.

This is sharing all expenses, one way trips can be discussed as well. Leaving San Francisco on Friday 8/24 by 9am (you MUST have early entry) and leaving BRC either late Monday night or early Tuesday morning 9/3-4 with a stop somewhere around to allow time to clean the car.

Pretty easy going and looking fwd to another great burn!

**8/17 - There are two spaces available returning from BRC on 9/3-4**



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