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Information for "wordgoeshere"
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Type: Offer a Ride, Offer to Haul Stuff Departing: Aug 24th - Aug 26th 2012
Direction: Both Returning: Sep 3rd - Sep 4th 2012
Location: Mid Wilshire, California (Los Angeles) Camp: Vagabonds and Tagalongs
Riders: 2 Preferences: Few stops, Share driving, Non-smoking, Smoking, Indifferent to smoking, Air conditioning, Open minded


I'm a 27 year old man and this is going to be my 4th burn. The friend I was planning on driving up with just had something come up that will be preventing him from making it to the playa. As of right now, my plan is to get drive my Mustang convertible and tow a trailer from Uhaul. The car can tow up to a 12' x 6' x 5.5' trailer, so there should be plenty of room for everyone's gear.

I will be camping with a group of about 20 people, and you would be welcome to join us. It's not the most organized camp, but I think we'll have a pretty decent set up.

Ideally, we could split gas ($400-$500ish round trip?) and trailer rental ($300ish) three ways, for something around $200-300 a person if we have 3 riders. The back seat of the car is fairly small, but I plan on leaving the car itself pretty empty to make sure we all of as much room as possible. So, whoever is in the back should be able to just kick their feet up on the other seat. And we can take turns obviously.

I would like to get to the playa when gates open at 6:00pm Sunday and will want to leave around sunrise Monday morning after the temple burn. I might also be traveling in a caravan with other folks from my camp (on the way there), and might rendezvous in Reno with some others so that we can make it through the gates together. Consequently, we might need to leave on Saturday and either camp somewhere, stay with friends, or get a hotel that night to ensure we make it to the gates on time.

I would very much prefer if you didn't have will call tickets, but it's not the end of the world if you do.

Hope to see you on the playa!


I'm hoping to tow a uhaul trailer. So, depending on the size, there should be plenty of room for gear for all riders. Just keep in mind that I have a fair amount of gear myself, and the car has VERY LITTLE storage space.


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