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Information for "Keiferling - Found a Ride!!"
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Type: Need a Ride, Need Stuff Hauled Departing: Aug 25th -
Direction: Both Returning: Sep 3rd -
Location: San Francisco Near AT&T Ballpark, California (San Francisco) Camp:
Riders: 1 Preferences:

Fellow burners this virgin is in need of some help!

Flying in to California in the PM of Aug 24 and will be staying with friends for two weeks. Issues have come back up and my friends are not sure they are going anymore. They suggested I look for a ride share as to not be stuck if they cannot go. Really short notice. HELP!

So here I am a virgin looking for a ride share from San Francisco (near the ATT&T ballpark) to Burningman and back to the same location.

I have 2 bags and will need to pickup food. Willing to pag fee or gas $+

Looking to leave anytime that gets me in the games after 6:00 Sunday

Looking to return anytime after the temple burns.


Got a ride


Anything that gets me there and back. I have $ for flat rate OR gas or whatever...

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